Monday Evening Report

We had a good overall first day. While some of us were covered up with bible studies during our door knocking, others didn’t get to study with many at all. That is how it goes sometimes. We continue to pray that doors will be opened and seeds sown on fertile soil. In all, 13 lessons were taught to 16 people. Lord willing, that number should continue to grow throughout the week.

Tonight was our first night of maturity classes. In all 143 people attended the Amelia’s Ward and Burnham Drive congregations. That number will go up for sure by Friday night. This week we have excellent classes prepared based on the greatest commandments, Matthew 22:34-40. Love God with all thy heart, all thy soul, all thy mind, all thy strength and Love your neighbor as yourself. Each of the men in our group will speak on one of these, and offer detailed insight to the significance of this set of scriptures.

We have a busy day on tap for Tuesday and hopefully the rest of the week. Continue to pray for our safety and success in sharing God’s truth.

………’till next time.—Mike

Joel preaching on loving God with all thy heart.
Some of the children in Che’s 6—9 year old class learning about Esther

Tuesday Evening Report

Another busy day here in Linden. We got up this morning and left a little earlier than normal to go to the market to buy fruit and fruit juice to take to patients and staff at the local hospital. We have normally been visiting the hospital on Thursday nights but this year, Tuesday was the day. We put together little gift bags with fruit and a few tracts to hand out at the hospital before we headed to tonight’s services. This time of the week is an emotional time for us all. We visited sick children, adults, ladies in the maternity ward, and even those in the emergency room. We would pray with those that wished for us to do so, and most of the patients seemed touched. I know we all were.

Earlier in the day, it was business as usual, after we finished at the market. We knocked doors and continued or started Bible lessons with people in the community. We also invited people to come to the nightly services at the Burnham Drive church building. It must have worked too. After conducting 15 lessons with 15 people, and knocking on doors, there was a big increase in the number of people for the nightly classes. In all 186 people attended classes this evening. Joel Abbott spoke to the Amelia’s Ward congregation and I spoke to the Burnham Drive congregation. It was a great ending to a great day.

I look forward to what tomorrow brings, but I realize that it’s Wednesday and we will be heading home in just a few days. Going by so, so fast. Pray that we will continue to have success on God’s behalf as we share the truth with the fine folks here in Linden, Guyana.

…..’till next time.—Mike

Mike preaching on loving your God with all of your mind.
Mike preaching on loving your God with all of your mind.