Wednesday Evening Report

Wow, what a busy Wednesday! We started the day by visiting a local primary school and handed out school supplies to the students. They seemed so happy to receive the treats. We then hurriedly made it over to Burnham Drive where we had our morning Devo and got our schedules for the day. Everyone set out for the scheduled Bible studies and to continue and knock doors inviting people to the nightly classes and to VBS which begins next week.

Best news of the day? A lady named Sharon, whose husband passed away very recently, and who has eight children to take care of by herself, was baptized into Christ. What an amazing moment to witness. Alana Lamar and Erica Sankey had been studying and sharing God’s truth with her.

Speaking of Alana and Erica, two of their other studies are very close to obeying the gospel. We pray that they choose to do so sooner rather than later.

Another highlight for the day, at least for Suzanne and myself, was that we were able to go and visit a young boy that we studied with last year. He immediately remembered us and we hugged and shared memories of last year. We left him with another Bible and encouraged him and some of his family to visit Burnham Drive.

At night we continued our classes for adults and children and the attendance continues to be good with 180 people attending. A lot of souls are hearing the word of God, some for the first time, and some as a means of growth and maturity.

After the nightly classes, Glenn and I studied with a lady named Gayle until about 9:30. Needless to say, another late night and early morning followed. I am writing this on Thursday morning as it was almost midnight before we were able to settle in for the evening.

Continue to pray for the seeds being sown by this wonderful, dedicated, hardworking group of Christians.

…….’till next time.


Visiting Amelia’s Ward Primary School
Baptism of Sharon
Our Buddy Clifford

Thursday Evening Report

A very busy and wonderful Thursday in deed. Studies continued through the morning, and right off the bat, a young woman named Jacqueline goy baptized. She also had been studying with Alana and Erica. As the morning went on, a man name Charles, studying with Glenn, he too decided to obey the gospel.

As the evening classes began, Glenn continued Bible studies with three young women, Dequan, Gabrielle and Natalia. They decided to all get baptized right then, in the stream, in the darkness.

Just wait. It gets even better. A lady named Gayle had been studying with Glenn this week, and they continued studies after the evening services. At about 9:30, she made the decision to get baptized. She was hesitant at first, because she didn’t like the idea of going into the “black water”, as they call it, at night.  But thankfully she made the decision to not wait, and down into the water and come up a new person.

If you are keeping count, that is 6 baptisms on Thursday. A great day for these new Christians and the Kingdom of God.

As far as the nightly classes went, they were well attended as again. Still not quite what I had thought by this time of the week, but 171 people were treated to wonderful and inspirational messages from God’s word.

Friday is our last day. I can’t believe the end of the week is here. It will be next year before we know it. I pray Friday will be blessed with good studies and filled with open hearts and minds as we share the Truth.

……’till next time.


Jacqueline just before her baptism

End-of-Week Recap

Another week, another year has flown by. Working with these wonderful people in Linden, Guyana is always a blessing for all involved. The only thing different about today, Friday, is that it is the last day here for us during this campaign. Other than that, the day was full of many bBiblestudies and sharing God’s word. For the whole week, we held 91 lessons with 102 people. We ended the week with 7 people obeying the Gospel.

Tonight was once again filled with song, praise, and lessons from His Word. In all 174 people sat in on the classes this evening. All of the folks leading this effort worked tirelessly before and during this trip, day in and day out. Their dedication is awesome and I am lucky to be able to work with each one of them.

We pack up late tonight and leave the house for the airport at about 1:30 AM. Please pray for a safe trip back home for us, and pray for the people in Linden. May they be blessed as they work to grow the Lord’s church.

……..’till next time.


Most of our group and some of our local workers
A local farm we visited in the bush.