Picture a child following her parent. She wants to follow, but her little legs sometimes must take 2-3 steps for her daddy’s one. She wants to follow, but gets distracted, and takes her eyes off him. She gets distracted and stops. She wants to follow, but gets tired and has to rest. Now, her daddy knows all these things are likely to happen. He’s seen it over and over because he has lots of children. So, when she can’t keep up, he slows down. When she rests, he waits for her to get up and start walking again. When she gets distracted, he sometimes calls out to her to show her where he is and what direction she needs to go. Keeping in step with her father takes constant effort for the little girl. But the thought of leaving her behind never crosses her daddy’s mind. He will always be there.

Is it just a coincidence that God calls Himself our Father? Surely He knows just how we would struggle when trying to walk with Him. He asks us to walk in the light with Him (I John 1:7). He tells us that we aren’t capable of successfully directing our own steps (Proverbs 3:5-6). He wants us to have even more confidence in Him than a little child has in her daddy. He tells us to have so much faith in Him that we walk by faith in Him, not by our own sight and understanding (II Corinthians 5:7). So, when we think about keeping in step with God, we will be pleasing God by remembering how deeply He wants us with Him. His desire for us is much like a father’s desire to protect and sustain his child.

The part for us to dwell on is that we, the children, have to keep wanting to be with God, the father. When a child decides she knows better than Dad, sometimes she heads out on her own path and leaves her father behind. Someone reading this is thinking, “I’ve left my heavenly Father behind.” But He’s never far from any of us (Acts 17:26). When you reach for Him, He will be there. And, He will even slow down when you stumble. – Darrell Powell