Bringing Them In and Laying Them Before Jesus

“Jesus is here, and He is healing many!” People all over began to exclaim as word spread about the presence of the Lord.  For one group of friends, their thoughts [...]

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2017 Guyana Report: Parts 5, 6, and 7

Wednesday Evening Report Wow, what a busy Wednesday! We started the day by visiting a local primary school and handed out school supplies to the students. They seemed so [...]

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2017 Guyana Report: Part 2

Monday Morning Update Sunday was an awesome day of worship and fellowship with old and new friends. Joel Abbott taught the Sunday School lesson and Wes Blankenship brought the [...]

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2017 Guyana Report: Part 1

2017 Guyana Report: Part 1 It has been a whole year, but feels like we were just here. Linden, Guyana. Working with the Burnham Drive and Amelia’s Ward congregations, [...]

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Greater Than Prom 2017

At Hoover, we strive to maintain a family-based youth ministry.  We facilitate a variety of activities, but our focus is on faith and relationships.  I want to take this opportunity [...]

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I asked my 8-year-old to tell me the difference between knowledge and wisdom.  He said, “knowledge is just knowing a bunch of stuff, but wisdom is using that knowledge to [...]

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What happened to Jesus on the cross?

I don’t pretend to understand exactly what happened, but I think the statement recorded in Mark 15:33-36 may have been the Lord’s most terrifying and difficult moment of the six-hour crucifixion.

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Appeasing God’s Wrath

Let's be honest. There are some words in the Bible that we read, and maybe that we’ve read over and over, that we do not know the meaning of. "Propitiation" might be one of those words for you.

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Insatiable for Sin

In II Peter chapter 2, there is a description written about people that Peter calls “false prophets” and “false teachers.” He warns the Christians to whom he was writing about [...]

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Can Children See God?

The following are excerpts from a paper written a few years ago by a then 8-year-old boy named Danny Dutton, from Chula Vista, CA.  He wrote it for his third-grade [...]

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