At Hoover, we strive to maintain a family-based youth ministry.  We facilitate a variety of activities, but our focus is on faith and relationships.  I want to take this opportunity to highlight one of our spring activities and tell you why we do it.

We call it Greater than Prom (GTP) and it is a premier event for high school juniors and seniors.  It will occur on May 5-6, 2017.  The setting is the beautiful Harbor Lodge on Lake Martin. The event includes a formal banquet with dinner and entertainment.  Then, the rest of the evening through the next afternoon offers a range of spiritual, recreational and fellowship opportunities.

So, what’s the purpose behind this event? Initially, it was simply an alternative to students’ school proms.  Across the board, most people recognize that there are some negative statistics and practices associated with school proms.  You can probably recall a story from your school days, or maybe even a news report detailing some delinquency that occurred in conjunction with teens attending a prom. While this still seems true today, the driving force behind this event has evolved through the years.  GTP is about more than avoiding some potential spiritual pitfalls.  For many Christian teens, it is about making a statement to their classmates and the world that their definition of transitioning into adulthood doesn’t involve lude dance, alcohol, renting a hotel room, or sex.

I’m certainly not saying that everyone who attends prom does any of these things.  I’ve known a number of Christians who have gone to great lengths to make sure they maintain their purity when attending events like proms.  GTP just provides some of the same enjoyable aspects of prom and inserts them into an atmosphere of Christian fellowship.  GTP gives young people an extra chance to proclaim to the world that they are concerned about becoming a man or woman of God.  This event is open to all high school juniors and seniors.  More information and registration options are available at this link: 

Feel free to call the office with questions.  God bless.—Darrell Powell